"Christine King has a contagious enthusiasm for fiddle music and a lifetime of knowledge and talent.  Her extensive professional experience combined with years of study make her a seasoned and well rounded teacher.  I adore her vibrant personality and when I hear her play, I know that the future of fiddling is in good hands."
-Katie Glassman, Teacher
"Christine was able to use my years of classical music playing and help me learn to love, appreciate, and play fiddle. She took a stiff, rigid, music reading violinist and transformed me into a much more relaxed, jamming fiddler. I cannot thank Christine enough for her time, energy, positivity, devotion, and sincerity. She embodies music and has a special, sincere way of sharing that with her students. Christine was able to show me, again, why music has always been so important to me. I thank my stars every day that we were introduced and I was fortunate enough to call her my teacher."
-Susi Irwin, Advanced Student
"Christine is an incredibly talented individual with with a wide range of skills. I think my favorite parts about her are that she is very easy to relate to and fun to talk to, but she also has an amazing repertoire of songs that she can teach at almost any level and for anyone. She also makes learning fun and encourages me to practice. She has taught me far more than I had hoped when I started taking lessons from her. "
- Amaya Brooks, Intermediate Student